#SocialStudies v10.0
#SocialStudies v10.0
Posted Thursday, April 19, 2012

The spring sports season is about a month old – with our first championships (Upper Peninsula Boys Tennis and Upper Peninsula Boys and Girls Golf) slated for the end of May. 

Seems like the start of 2012 has flown by. Can you believe this is the 10th time I’m spoon-feeding you weird sports-related internet clips? 

Suuuuure you can. Enjoy.

1. Making some puck luck

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are an every-night, all week affair right now – and if you’ve been watching any hockey on national TV, you know it’s been a … shall we say, “slightly unclean” start to the playoffs.  Hockey in Michigan is skating full-speed through the regular season – and the MHSAA YouTube channel has a plethora of fun interview clips and instructional videos from the MHSAA Network. Here’s one of the quirkier clips.

2. Big Red Rim Rockers

Well, look what we have here. Remember that high-flying Class B champion stomping around the Breslin Center late last month? No? Check out this compilation of Lansing Sexton dunks from the team that claimed their second consecutive Class B championship this winter. There’s a whole lot of jam packed into 6.5 minutes.

3.Leave is to the pros

A word to the wise: if you’re planning to attend an English rugby match as a spectator, it may be wise to stay off the pitch. Video evidence here.

Remember, if you see something worth mentioning, send it on over. You might see it on next week's #SocialStudies.

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