#SocialStudies v11.0
#SocialStudies v11.0
Posted Thursday, April 26, 2012

April is coming to a close and we're catapulting into the final full month of the 2012 sports year.

Let's dive right into a few video bits -- shall we?

1.Spring in his step

Spring college football doesn't involve a lot of technical tackling or hard-hitting, but that doesn't make this feat any less impressive.  When was the last time you saw a ball carrier run full tilt into a jump-stop and then front-flip over a defender? And stick the dismount ... errrrr "landing' ... well enough to keep gaining yards?

Prior to watching this clip from Lincoln (Mo.) University, my answer was never.


It's a bit out-of-season, but I had to share this clip between Saint-John and Chicoutimi (Quebec Junior Hockey League) -- won in OT by a player who needs some recognition for being, in my recollection, the first to celebrate a goal in such fashion.

The French announcers are a bit obnoxious, but trust me here: The Frozen Worm this kid busts out after the goal is epic. 

3. The agony of ...

Earlier this month, SB Nation online voters were tasked with selecting the best animated sports GIF of All-Time -- and it should be noted that a clip from the mitten made the Finals.

Wolverine fans, even you have to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of this mortified punter face. In his defense, I'm pretty sure this is exactly how I would look in the Big House if I was in his cleats. (Click on photo for link to clip.)

4. One more look at two of Michigan's finest

To finish off this week: we bring you the recently-compiled highlights from the 2011-12 Team Wrestling Finals in Battle Creek this winter. Clips include a close-up of Taylor Massa's championship win for St. Johns in Division 2 and Student Advisory Council member Kevin Beazley's pin in the Division 1 Final for Detroit Catholic Central.

As always, shoot us your favorite internet gems anytime -- you might just see them on #SocialStudies.

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