SAC Sound-off: Leaving Town, Leaving Something Behind
SAC Sound-off: Leaving Town, Leaving Something Behind
Posted Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The days are numbered.

For the past few months, graduation has been breathing down my back. For seniors, life as we know it in high school will soon become a distant memory.

And do I have a large number of people to thank.

Growing up in a small town has taught me lots of things. Everybody knows everybody. And everybody knows the big news and happenings the day it happened.

But that’s beside the fact. The biggest and best part is I feel loved. I am sure going to miss the atmosphere around Rudyard. I’ve grown accustomed to the slowed-down, laid back lifestyle. All my friends, teachers, coaches, and roots are here. I’ve done my best to leave “tattoos on my town."

Being a part of the MHSAA Student Advisory Council has been such a huge bonus for me. Everything we did and everything the MHSAA does is for a remarkable cause. And it really makes you well-known in the EUP (our short-hand for Eastern Upper Peninsula) if you are lucky enough to get picked to serve the two-year term. I just wish that the term was longer.

My message to the new juniors (now sophomores) who were recently selected to join the MHSAA class of 2013 is this: Make the most of everything you do at the office in East Lansing. Serving on the council has really improved my people skills and my ability to work in a group. I know for a fact that I will be able to take the skills I have learned from being in East Lansing on those Sundays and apply them to situations down the road.

And to all students: Soak up every part of high school that you can! Small town or big city, the sports, school, and extra-curriculars are all great experiences. So take advantage of them! Be involved in all that you can because you will most likely never regret joining a new club or team when you look back on it.

Make the most of everything, and do your part to leave your “tattoo” on your hometown.

Wilson, a three-sport athlete at Rudyard, graduated this spring. Next up: Grand Rapids Community College, where he'll play basketball and study pre-med. 


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