Driving Force that Needs to be Re-Routed
Driving Force that Needs to be Re-Routed
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Posted Monday, November 30, 2015

The MHSAA's Fall issue of benchmarks examined the transfer regulation, including the reasoning behind recent changes. This is the first of four installments that will appear on Second Half this week. 

By John E. “Jack” Roberts
MHSAA Executive Director

During the 2014-15 school year, over the course of 12 meetings, the MHSAA Executive Committee considered 467 requests of member schools to waive Handbook rules. Of those, 300 requests were to waive some aspect of the Transfer Regulation.

So an issue of benchmarks which examines the MHSAA transfer rule is well justified. Perhaps overdue.

Over the years, families have moved about and split apart with increasing frequency. Public policymakers have adopted laws that encourage students to move, and to keep moving, until they find a school more to their liking or they graduate, whichever occurs first.

Meanwhile, the profile of competitive sports has blossomed to the point of becoming overblown, the influence of non-school sports has spread and the delusion of college athletic scholarships has infected the brains of more students and parents. All of which increase the likelihood that students will move as much or more often for athletics as for academics and all other factors combined.

Add to this that the United States, and Michigan in particular, has become the favored landing zone for foreign exchange students, and the result is the need for a transfer rule that is like a great outside linebacker – tough, quick and nimble. We need a rule that is tough, acts fast and can keep changing to keep up with the times.


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