Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang
Blog: From the Director
Posted Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The essential skill in the ancient yet still practiced art of paper cutting is to be able to make a single cut that will remove what is unwanted and retain what is needed. The Chinese phrase "yin and yang" captures the meaning ... that which is simultaneously disconnected and connected.

There is a similar art to leading modern day interscholastic athletics, where the top task is simultaneously to protect and promote school sports. Preventing what will damage the pure essence of the interscholastic brand while at the same time promoting the experience for players and spectators.

As the Michigan High School Athletic Association steps up efforts to promote attendance and enhance the spectator experience at local and statewide school-sponsored athletic events, the MHSAA must also be intentional to avoid or discard that which will poison the underlying educational purpose of the events.

As the National Federation of State High School Associations launches its #MyReasonWhy campaign, it must do the same. What we believe and what we do must remain connected.

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