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Posted Friday, September 2, 2011

From all the reports of program reductions, it comes as a surprise to learn that high school sports participation increased during 2010-11 on both the national and state levels.

Based on input from its member associations across the country, the National Federation of State High School Associations reported Aug. 23 that participation in high school sports increased for the 22nd consecutive year, to a record-breaking 7,667,955 participants.  Boys reached a record 4,494,406 and girls reached its all-time high of 3,173,549 participants.  (For the full report, go to

The news from Michigan is also more positive than expected.  The total for 2010-11 was 314,354, with 133,147 female participants and 181,207 male.  All three numbers are up slightly from the year before.

While Michigan’s high school age population ranks eighth nationally, both its female and male high school sports participation rank sixth.  Nationally, 55.5 percent of high school students participate in interscholastic athletics, while it’s over 62 percent in Michigan, an increase of 1.2 percent over 2009-10.

Buried in the good news are the sagging statistics for girls basketball participation in Michigan, whose national ranking has continued to drop since the change to the winter season.  Michigan now ranks seventh nationally in high school girls basketball participation – its worst ranking since the NFHS began releasing national participation figures in 1971.


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Friday, December 30, 2011 4:11 PM
buried in this story is the big leap in girls participating in high school wrestling in 2010-2011 the number of girls wrestling grew to 7,351 an increase of 1,217 an impressive 19.8 percent increase this made girls wrestling the fastest growing sport for high school girls in terms of percentage increase the number of girls wrestling has increased every year since 1990 a streak of 22 straight years of growth in participation what is the mhsaa waiting for girls dont want to wrestle boys; they need teams of there own were they can compete equally at all weights the mhsaa should make girls wrestling a sport and join the other 6 states that already have it 11 colleges have womens wrestling and next year will be the third time women will have competed in the olympics, its time for the mhsaa to add girls wrestling as a sport and be the 7TH state with girls wrestling

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