Be the Referee: Blindside Blocks
Be the Referee: Blindside Blocks
Posted Thursday, August 24, 2017

This week, "Be the Referee" with MHSAA assistant director Mark Uyl returns with the first of a three-part series on football rules changes for 2017, this one on blindside blocking. 

Be The Referee is a series of short messages designed to help educate people on the rules of different sports, to help them better understand the art of officiating, and to recruit officials.

Below is this week's segment – Blindside Blocks - Listen

We're going to start the new school year with a three-part series on football rule changes.

There may be no hit in football that generates more "ohs" and “ahs" than the blindside hit. It's also one of the most dangerous hits in the game.

The defensive player in pursuit of the runner, who does not have a reasonable opportunity to see the oncoming blocker, is considered defenseless. In keeping with putting player safety first, national rules now allow blocking from the blindside only when contact is initiated with the hands – achieving the same effect without all the contact.

That big blindside hit will now result in a 15-yard penalty and possible ejection from the game.

Next week, we'll look at changes to rules covering onside kicks.


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