Seeking Input on Seeding
Seeking Input on Seeding
Blog: From the Director
Posted Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Seeding is a part of some levels of some Michigan High School Athletic Association tournaments, but no part of any level of MHSAA tournaments for other sports. The decisions are made sport-by-sport and level-by-level after sufficient understanding of a specific plan and broad support. 

Seeding deals with logistics, not a fundamental value of educational athletics. It gets outsized attention for its importance, having nothing to do with the interactions that lead to learning and growing in interscholastic athletics. It’s another byproduct of the ever-increasing influence of the pervasively promoted and televised NCAA’s basketball tournaments over the past 25 years.

Michigan’s high school sport most engaged in the topic now is, in fact, basketball. Discussions and surveys have been conducted regarding seeding at MHSAA District tournaments.

We’ve learned this summer and fall that a majority of our local school athletic directors favor seeding and do not think it will make regular-season scheduling more difficult nor cause coaches to delay or diminish substituting during regular season games.

We’ve learned that a majority favor a system that maintains geographically determined District tournaments and merely separates the top two seeded teams in each District, and continues to use a blind draw to place other teams assigned to the District on the bracket.

We’ve learned that a majority favors having the best two teams determined primarily through objective criteria assessed by an MHSAA created or controlled ranking system.

We’ve learned that while the majority favors these moves toward District seeding, there are significant pockets of opposition to any seeding at all in MHSAA basketball tournaments. At two of six Athletic Director In-Service meetings and at two of seven Update meetings in September and October, large majorities in attendance opposed seeding of District basketball tournaments; and voters were nearly evenly split at several other meeting sites. 

The discernible pattern is that seeding loses support as one moves out of the more densely populated areas of Michigan. We need to better understand why this is so, and what’s behind these regional or demographic preferences; then have the Representative Council make a decision at its meeting in March or May; and get this topic decided one way or the other.  

There is so much else that is so much more important than seeding to the health of school-sponsored basketball that deserves the attention that seeding has been getting.


# Mike Grisdale
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 10:13 AM
I am in favor of leaving the basketball district pairing the way they are, random drawing instead of seeding. There are only 4 or 5 teams in a district, if you don't play them in the first round, you would play them that week anyway.
# Brent
Tuesday, November 21, 2017 8:04 PM
I could see why Basketball programs in smaller communities oppose a seeding. Just like any other sports from a small community that doesn't get the resources from a larger community. You take a city like Lansing that has schools from D1-D4 and some schools are allowed to recruit, have large clubs that can feed the programs. Every year they have different kids and usually top team in league or Division. Then take a small school that doesn't have any of those resources, who never gets a break in Districts cause of the surrounding area district assignment and have to play a top team. If seeding takes place, those smaller schools will never have a chance. I think the whole Division ranking is broken. Just because a school might fit into a category of a D1-D4 doesn't mean the sport they play fits as well. The school my kids go to is considered a D3 school but only field enough kids to form a team. No JV or freshman team. They might win a handful of games before districts. If seeding happens, they would get the first or second place Team all the time. Not saying our team is bad but geographically we don't have a chance.
# Rick Bauer
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 2:46 PM
Please post the results of these votes. Using terms "large majorities" is vague and could be misleading. I think many would like to see the actual numbers. It might also be helpful to see which AD's voted which way. That would also make it easier to see if this is truly a small school, city school verse country school difference or if this is a vote for self interest.

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