A Speck of Humility
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Posted Tuesday, March 8, 2011

During March, the month of “one and done” in school and college sports tournaments, it’s very easy to think of games as life and death moments.  So it’s timely, I think, to provide a little perspective.

First, this planet of ours has so many really serious problems and so much real human suffering, with many people truly in life or death circumstances through no fault of their own, that it is pathetic to complain that an unfortunate decision by a player or coach or an unpopular call by an official cost a game or ended a promising season.

And if we are fortunate enough to survive the uncertainties of the tournament trail and achieve a championship, it is ridiculous to claim that it matters much in the overall scheme of things.

This planet is but a minute speck in a universe that has never seen or heard of any of us.  There are perhaps 50 billion planets in our galaxy alone – that’s 50,000,000,000 planets.

Scientists estimate that 500 million of those planets are in the “not-too-hot, not-too-cold” zone that has the potential to support life!

So my guess is that somewhere out there, some extraterrestrial just captured the championship in some cosmic competition.  Do you suppose that creature is sounding just as foolish as we are when we chant “We’re No. 1”? 


# gw
Friday, December 30, 2011 5:33 PM
Well said. It certainly keeps everything in perspective.
Your statements also reflect why you have been such an outstanding Executive Director for so many years.

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