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Posted Friday, September 3, 2010

On Friday morning, Aug. 6, the MHSAA office posted its first videos on YouTube (MHSAASPORTS).  I received notice of this while checking my email as I was leaving from a hotel in Colorado where I was attending a family wedding; and it caused me to say to my 30-something son:  “Pretty cool; while I’m here, we’re posting videos there.”

To which my son responded, “There is no there.”  In that simple sentence I was reminded of two things.

First, I still don’t (and never will) view the digital world instinctively in the manner of younger people, including the students we serve.  For me, electronic media are tools to be used.  For digital natives, these media just are, like the air they breathe.

Second, this digital world has broken down traditional barriers of place.  Connected through “smart” pocket-sized devices, anybody anywhere can not only “check in” with but also interact meaningfully with any group that is important to them, so long as that business or organization has made that interaction a priority and invested in information systems that remove the distinctions between here and there, between the organization and its constituents or customers.

I hope you are able to see in the MHSAA family of websites – and in mobile applications that will be coming – that the MHSAA is making the investment that demonstrates interaction is a high priority.


# gw
Friday, December 30, 2011 6:55 PM
Well said! You "get it", which will keep the MHSAA on the cutting edge.

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