Blog: From the Director
Posted Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At the end of an overcast day, the sun slipped beneath the clouds and into Lake Michigan, leaving behind the electric pink and rouge tips of dark clouds and their reflection on the waves of even darker water.  It was a magnificent scene to be observed through the sliding glass doors of the cottage.

But then my eye drifted to a fingerprint on the window glass, and then to spots of dried rain on the pane, and to various streaks and smudges.  Repeatedly, I forced my attention back to nature’s glory; but insidiously, my eyes focused on the imperfections before the distant view.

And so it is in athletic administration.  We have glimpses when the scene is beautiful – tremendous performances by kids, coaches, officials and spectators.  But quickly our eye moves to the defects, which demand our attention.

This is okay, because we need to be realistic in our assessments and try to improve what can be made better.  But we also need to stop and appreciate what is so beautifully right about educational athletics day after day, at school after school, on team after team.

And give thanks.


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