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Posted Friday, November 6, 2009

After four seasons on a voluntary basis, in 1997, the MHSAA adopted a mandatory weight monitoring program with a nutrition education component for interscholastic wrestling.  This has eliminated some of the unhealthy weight-cutting practices that plagued the sport. A remaining point of contention is the “home weigh-in” option for schools during the regular season.

The purposes of the home weigh-in are to eliminate this sometimes lengthy process onsite, which allows teams to leave later for competition, which has the effect of reducing loss of classroom instructional time for weeknight meets and reducing the cost for bus drivers’ time for weekend meets.  It is reported that the home weigh-in reduces a wrestler’s distractions during the school day by eliminating the need to “make weight” first thing after school.  Some believe the home weigh-in is healthier.

But many others disagree, citing more dramatic weight cutting because it provides students a 12- to 24-hour recovery period after making weight.  This, they say, leads to competitive disadvantages for wrestlers who actually compete nearer their home weigh-in weight.

Their concerns have the attention of the MHSAA Representative Council which directed the MHSAA Wrestling Committee to take a long, hard look at this regular season option that, in spite of its “mutual agreement” requirement, is receiving significant criticism.

So far, the Wrestling Committee and Representative Council have determined that the benefits of the home weigh-in are greater than its problems.  But this regular-season option remains under very close scrutiny. It is not utilized for MHSAA Tournaments.

There is much more discussion of the details on the wrestling pages MHSAA.com.


# gw
Friday, December 30, 2011 9:50 PM
"Onsite weighs ins" should be required. Too many coaches are allowing their wrestlers to compete when the athlete has not truly made weight. This happens far too often. These coaches are teaching the athletes that it acceptable to cheat.

No coach is going to admit this publicly but it is evident when team shows up to an early December meet and every wrestler on the team is at their alpha weight class.

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