The Official View: Multiplying Legacies

September 17, 2018

By Brent Rice
MHSAA Assistant Director

In this week’s edition, check out the latest news on the MHSAA’s Officials Review Committee and Officials Guidebook, rules scenarios to consider in football and swimming and a quick story of multiple generations learning through the Legacy Program.

It’s Official!

Officials Review Committee Meeting: The Officials Review Committee will meet next week, and the agenda will include a number of important topics such as officials’ tournament fees, registration options and benefits, and the current system of selecting tournament officials.

The Officials Guidebook will be released in the upcoming week. Whether you’re an official, assigner, or association leader, please take some time to review its policies, requirements, and restrictions. It should have much of the information you need regarding the administrative duties of MHSAA officiating.

Rule of the Week

FOOTBALL Late in a tight contest, A1 receives the snap and attempts to throw a bubble screen to a stacked receiver behind A1’s position. As A1’s arm motion begins forward in his attempt to make the backward pass, it is contacted by rushing B1 and is knocked loose. Team B falls on top of the ball.

Ruling: This is a turnover and Team B’s ball. Even though the arm motion is coming forward, this is not a legal forward pass because it is not in the direction of the line of scrimmage. As a result, this is a fumble and live ball until it is recovered by Team B.

It’s Your Call

SWIMMING This week’s clip involves determining the legality of a turn in swim. The swimmer is participating in a 100-yard backstroke race. This clip begins at the point where he is beginning his turn. Is this a legal turn in this backstroke event? Why or why not? Check back next week for the correct ruling. (Video courtesy of USA Swimming.)

Official View

In 1996, Dana Fuller (far left in top photo) was a Legacy official under the tutelage of mentor official Jerry Sosnowski (far right). Things came full circle at a recent volleyball contest while working with his new Legacy mentee, Olivia Kostiz, when all three generations of the Legacy program were able to work together.