#SocialStudies v13.0
#SocialStudies v13.0
Posted Thursday, May 24, 2012

After a brief hiatus, class is back in session. Let the #SocialStudies commence.

1.This is nearly unbelievable

You’ve seen it done with basketballs, Frisbees – all sorts of things you can throw. Here’s a twist on the popular “trick-shot clip compilation:” long-snapping! Pretty impressive accuracy here from Nick DiChiara, a Boston high school senior who’s headed to Colgate next fall. 

 2. Time Lapse-tastic

The Staples Center in Los Angeles is home for the Lakers (NBA), Clippers (NBA) and Kings (NHL) – and the spring of 2012 saw all three franchises in the playoffs. Between May 17-20, the Staples Center was host to six playoff contests.

Six gargantuan events, four days. Here’s hoping the facility folks are somewhere with their feet up after that stretch. I’m sure a few athletic directors out there feel this way during the spring season, too. This clip shows all the action, hyper-speed.

3. Is he in pain?

Umpires, feel free to weigh in here.  Points for style, but I think his mechanics may be slightly off ...

4. Gotta feel for this guy

And now, for reason No. 467-B why being a hockey goalie is hard. You’ve got to be ready for shots from anywhere, all the time. 

Trying for a trick shot or a similarly incredible feat?

Get some video, and let us show it off here on #SocialStudies.

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