Close Calls
Close Calls
Blog: From the Director
Posted Friday, December 9, 2011

The little slip of paper I removed from the fortune cookie read:  “Every important call is a close one.”  That notion may be more critically important in some aspects of life than others, but nowhere in the fun part of life is it any truer than competitive athletics.

Where the winning margin can be a fraction of a second or inch, observed by hundreds or even thousands of spectators, athletes, coaches and contest officials, we know this to be true:  the toughest decisions are the most critical, most defining of all.

School and school sports administrators learn that it is the closest calls – where evidence is least conclusive, opinions most divided or precedent lacking – that have the greatest effect on their school communities and their own careers.

It is at these times – close calls – that leaders show up.  That they speak up.  That they stand up.


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